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API Documentation

Insider Transactions
curl ',A::P,D::S'
codes is a comma-separated list of transaction codes to include.
A full list of form 4 transaction codes can be found here.
The most common codes are:
  • A::M Acquisition by option exercise.
  • A::P Acquisition by open market purchase.
  • D::S Disposition by open market sell.
13F Filings
curl ''
Set the detail parameter to true to view the fund's holdings. false to view summary information.
The length parameter is the number of quarters to return.
The cik parameter is the SEC's CIK identifier for the fund and can be found via:
curl ''
Company Lookup
Lookup by full or partial Name
curl ''
Lookup by Ticker
curl ''
Lookup by CIK
curl ''
Lookup by full or partial CUSIP
curl ''